We Are All Jah Children

December 9th, 2010

wave the banner high!

This is a call to all of Jah children, which is to say all of us.  We have been told that there is only one son of God.   Yet even this ‘one’ would have told us that we are ALL the children of the Most High.

The call that I am sending out is in hopes that more individuals will wake to the realization that they are the gods, we are the ones who we have waited for.  Your Father, your Mother is the same.  As Yahshua did say, “Call no man on earth your Father.”  Our Creator, our Source, oversees us all,  and in a very personal way. 

You are not detached from Creation, you are one of the highest forms of creation.  When we no longer doubt our origin, we we finally realize that we are ALL divine, then we shall come together in unity.  There will be no need to ‘bring peace’ at this point, for the realization of our unity will prevent violence and aggression. 

This day is coming friends.  Whether we participate in the changing face of humanity is our choice.  We must persevere through the oncoming decades of tribulation, faithfully knowing that our descendents will inheret an earth designed by the master builder. 

The emperor has established the standard.  Now the world will either rise to it or be judged by it.  As we see the blatant rejection by our politicians of His Majesty’s wisdom,  I encourage you all to seek the teachings of the emperor, find ways to enact them in your daily life.  We are those who are to rebuild the waste places, we are those who raise high the banner of Zion. 

Throw your mikkle in to the mukkle!!!

The Scotch Bonnet

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