Christmas/New Year Get Away?

December 9th, 2009

Here it’s hot, if there it’s not, then you should come here and cop a spot 😉 Ackee we got and the saltfish is not, gonna run out anytime soon.

So gwaan book your flight, prepare for some steamy Jamaican nights, where you can bring your own special someone or find one here that’s just right 😉

Hit us up, here @ VRR we are well suited and well ready to give you the best that Jamaica and Rastafari has to offer. With nuff nuff rooms we can accomodate all but the biggest groups, we serve hot, homemade Ital meals, nestled in the heart of Jamaican countryside, come live like family at the coolest spot under the sun, VRR

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  1. I would love to experience a spiritual visit ASAP… I LOVE THE VIBES RASAFARI

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Tel. +1 (876) 457 4829

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