Treasure Beach, Jamaica


$50 USD / night
$300 USD / week
$600 USD / month (Apr-Nov)
$800 USD / month (Dec-Mar)
room for 1-2 persons

Airport pickup/transfer from Montego Bay: $120 USD / ride
or Kingston: $200 USD / ride

Book now!

Tel. +1 (876) 457 4829


Viking’s Rasta Retreats offers budget accommodation in rural Jamaica, right by the beach. Our rooms are beautiful and breezy – and come with a private bathroom and a small kitchenette. The Treasure Beach area is Jamaica at its best: you live and mingle with real Jamaicans – hassle and hustle free.

The Genus Family has been long established and well respected member of the Treasure Beach community for generations. At Viking’s Rasta Retreats, formerly Viking’s House, Viking Genus has been hosting travellers for over ten years and has gained a large crowd of loyal customers who keep coming for more of his spirituality and hospitality.

Our home is an international meeting place. Lone backpackers, couples, groups of friends and families with children are all equally welcome to come and enjoy the relaxation and rejuvenation that the Jamaican culture is famous for.

Please tour our site to view pics of the house, the area, and reviews from guests who have come to visit and appreciate this hidden gem on the South Coast of Jamaica.

Wha gwaan

New photos of the house

August 18, 2012

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We now have an Internet connection!

November 22, 2010

We just got Internet installed so you can bring your laptop or use your mobile phone with wifi. Just don’t bring the Babylon with you! […]

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Rasta reasonings

Paid for Your Work

March 9, 2011

I love to see when people get paid for thier work.   Good or bad it matters not.  Justice to be served is the love of the […]

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As of Late

March 3, 2011

I find myself wondering why lately there seems to be such a rise in zealousy.  Why the sudden increase of intolerance.  Recently two family members […]

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